Our recent Enquiries

Here's a collection of our most recent enquiries for our products. You can click on each image below to find out more information about that specific model. We help 1,000s of organisations around the world with their promotional product needs. You can fill out a Quick Quote form and we can send you our latest prices, samples and branding information.
Event - Lanyard Flash Drive

Neckstrap USBs

Hi there, looking at producing some USB's on neckstraps for our musical works (EP) - our good friends OKA have used Flashbay and we love the final product.
Twister - Custom USB

Twister Flash Drives

Hi, Could you supply us with a quote on Twister USB Flashdrives 100- 8GB 100 - 16GB
Twister Go - Custom USB

End of Year Gift

Looking to get branded usbs for end of year gifts. We would like out logo placed on the usb. Can we get a comparison quote between screen printed and engraved including freight and set up fees.
Ellipse - Custom USB

Data Uploaded USBs

Hi there, I'm looking to have approx 250 USBs produced. What would be the costs of having 7 different colored USBs with labels and filed uploaded? Thanks
Crystal - Custom Glass USB Drives

Promotional USB

Hi we are looking for promotional USB for our company. Is this something you can do for us? We would order approx. 250
Trix - Custom USB

Flash Drive Models

Hi. we are looking to buy 50 x 4GB usb flash drives. We want a model that has a large surface area/ What would you suggest?
Flex - Custom USB

Flash Drive Quote

Hi team, Could you please quote 25, 50, 75 and 100 units of Flash Drives
Focus - Custom USB

Custom USBs

Focus Flash Drive [quote both usb2 and usb3] 500pcs [16gb | 32gb] printed both sides option with key chain
Classic - Custom USB

USB Sticks

Hi, We need 25 usb sticks.
Pod - Custom USB

Branded USB Sticks

We are looking to get some branded USB sticks for our clients.
Swift - Leather USB

Promo Flash Drives

Looking at some new suppliers for our promotional products, can you please send some samples and prices for us to consider.
Light - Custom USB Drives with LED Light

Printed Flash Drives

Hi We have a client that needs 100 2GB USB printed with their logo (artwork to come) . The client needs them as soon as possible.
Gyro - Custom USB

Branded Flash Drives

Probably looking for the 32 or 64gb size, could you include prices for 10 and 25 units in both USB 2.0 and 3.0 Thanks
Twister Go - Personalised USB

OTG Flash Drives

Hi, I was looking at the "Twister Go" usbs but wondered if it is possible to get it so it has usb A 3.0 and usb C? Please contact me through email.
Twister - Personalised USB

Swivel Flash Drives

Hi, Can I get a quote for the following: 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 2GB, 4GB, 8GB Swivel USB print one colour one side no data upload
Nature - Wooden USB

Wedding USBs

We are a wedding venue looking to go paperless with our wedding packages. Can you please provide a quote for a number of your cheaper 2GB and 4 GB personalised USB sticks, such as the Twister, Kinetic and Classic. Can you also clarify where the products will be made and personalised and the expected delivery.
Fin - Custom USB

Logo Flash Drives

i'd need our logo printed on the flash drives capacities are available and for how much would each cost?
Memo - Custom USB

Trade Show Giveaways

We are searching for some promotional items that we may be able to give away at trade shows etc