Our recent Enquiries

Here's a collection of our most recent enquiries for our products. You can click on each image below to find out more information about that specific model. We help 1,000s of organisations around the world with their promotional product needs. You can fill out a Quick Quote form and we can send you our latest prices, samples and branding information.
Twister - Custom USB

Branded Memory Sticks

Please give me pricing on branded memory sticks and key-chains. I will require 1000 units. Thank you
Pod - Custom USB

Branded USB Sticks

Hi, I need a new supplier for branded usb sticks. Is there a way to list your products in order of pricing?
Clip - Custom Paperclip USB Drives

USB Sticks Quote

Hello Could i please get a quote on 100 usb sticks
Wafer - USB Business Cards

Copy Photos onto USB

This is a new idea for us. Copy our photos onto usb for customers.
Nature - Wooden USB

Wooden USB Sticks

Hi, I was after a quote for 10 Nature usbs with a maple box each all with a personalised logo on it.
Twister - Personalised USB

Printed USB Sticks

Hi There, We are looking for a quote for 50 x 8gb flash drives with out logo printed on them. The Twister would be suitable.
Wafer - USB Business Card

USB Business Cards

Hello I am a drone service provider and I have big files to hand over to my clients I've always loved the business cards that I get from rap.I.d cam which use your service I'm keen to get some flash cards in the shape of a business card print it up
Trix - Custom USB

Flash Drive Giveaways

We need some flash drives to hand around. Please give me a call to discuss.
Alloy - USB Business Cards

Card Shaped USBs

Hi, I'm interested on the business card USB drive
Ellipse - Custom USB

Custom Branded USBs

Good Morning, we have Purchased USB via your organisation before hand but am just looking at doing another order.
Rotator - Custom USB

Bespoke USBs

We would need at least 2GB capacity but would be great if you can include 4, 8, 16GB capacities in the quotation. Thanks.
Wafer - USB Credit Cards

Business Card USBs

Need to secure 1500-2000 business Card USB Devices min 4GB to 10GB Would want some Brand Imagery and Messaging printed.
Wafer - Credit Card USB Stick

Slim USB Cards

I want to get a quote for the wafer usb drive - 2gb - with a logo printed neck strap to distribute them in. Can I get quoted please for a quantity of 200 and 1000. What are your delivery charges/ time frames?
Kinetic - Custom USB

Logo Printed Flash Drives

We may have purchased Logoed USB's back in 2014. I am looking to restock. Please give me a price on your cheapest 2 GB - USB if I were to purchase one hundred units.
Alloy - USB Business Card

Business Card Shaped USB

Hi there, can you please quote me on both 100 business card USBs and also a quantity of 200 for a cost comparison? How does the pricing for preloading data work? Does it depend on how much we want on there?
Gyro - Custom USB

Data Preloaded Flash Drives

Hi there, I wish to have MP4 and MP3 data pre loaded on your most basic USB with our logo please. How much for 50?
Wafer - Business Card Flash Drive

Business Card Flash Drive

Wanted Business card USB Flash Drive. Please quote me on 50 and 100 pieces.
Classic - Custom USB

Custom USB Sticks

Hi Guys, I'd like a quote for 250 units of your 'Classic' USB stick at 16GB & 32GB. I also need a logo (one colour). These sticks may be used for archival purposes so the quality of the storage device is very important to me.